Mental Exhaustion Resources And Writing

Writing these posts is a weird thing to me, as it turns out. Writing itself has always been reasonably cathartic for me, if constrained to not having an audience. Posting ramblings like these regularly has been more taxing, but also intensely gratifying.

The last few days have been emotionally turbulent. Not really due to any cause of myself, but I was nevertheless intimately involved. Writing, then, is the last thing on my mind, and certainly the catharsis that normally comes from it is out of the window entirely. I find it interesting, then, that writing on the recovery from the turbulence is then restful again.

Mental/Emotional exhaustion is interesting, it’s hard to imagine a scenario when staring holes into the air in front of you is the most restful course of action, but it does help significantly. The bigger battle is then fighting the little voice that tells you that this is a waste of time that you could then spend thinking of better things.

This is mostly it, I have a few things simmering on the backburner that I hope to be able to write about soonish. I’m honestly just very tired, and rest is hard to come by.