A Review Of What Has Happened To Me Recently.

In about a week or so, I’m moving to Berlin, from a rather small town in Illinois. This is after I moved to said small town in Illinois from Munich, right around a year and two months ago.

When I moved here, I resolved to try my best to fix some of unresolved trauma, attitudes towards myself, and the consequences of my past choices. By far and large, I have done pretty well in this regard:

It’s been a productive1 year, and I’m proud of myself. I would also like to make similar steps ahead in the year to come as well, and I think there’s something that would be good for me that I have been rather bad at:

Growth by amendment, not by replacement. I am bad at improving parts of myself gradually. Instead I tend to proclaim that things will be henceforth different, and have a pretty-decent rate of making that stick. This is also bad for myself, I think, because it tosses out any good with all of the bad. I would like to be better at ratcheting my own development. Perhaps this is trivial, perhaps this will be far harder than it seems. Time will tell2.

  1. This time, not in the protestant-work-ethics sense of meaning “a good year”! 

  2. Posts like these are way harder to write after one of them was brought up in a job interview.